Best Of #218 Brought to you by Bradshaw & Bryant

Go ahead and cue this one up as you are stuck in State Fair traffic, think about how bad waiting in a Socialist breadline would be.

Clips Featuring: Dr. John Huber, Jordan Asher Huffman, and the legendary Flip Saunders

“Labor Day Weekend- Bonus “BEST OF”

“We Can Do It – #1680-2 | Car Selling Secrets #21”

Jordan Asher Huffman – #1680-1

Ghost Encounters – #1679-2

Cha-ching – #1679-1

Dr. John Huber – #1678-2

Hall of Legends – #1678-1

Ryan O’Callaghan – #1677-2

And We Danced – #1677-1

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