BEST Of with Jeff Dye and Vinnie Favorito

BEST Of Weird Wednesday with Dave Schrader, Myq Kaplan & Patrick Deneen

BEST OF TuesdayTreat Nicole Remini & Dahlia Schweitzer

Monday Madness BEST OF with Sklar Brothers & Jake Brown

Best Of #230 Brought to you by Bradshaw & Bryant

No need for hours and hours of inquiries, these clips are 100% giving you a quid pro quo. You download the episode they will give you enjoyment. No pressure though.

Featuring: Betty Maxwell, Chris DiStefano, Sergio Chicon, Emily Galati, Tim Slagle, Mike Lukas, Tim Harmston

Dana Gould – #1731-2

Chris DiStefano and Sergio Chicon – #1731-1

Bob Kroll – #1730-2 | Car Selling Secrets #29

You’ll Impeach Your Eye Out – #1730-1

Betty Maxwell-#1729-2

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