The crew won’t leave the topic of Randy looking like a lumberjack alone, but his and Alingon’s shows sold out so they don’t care.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens part 2 with Jay Bee joining Tom, Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio and Kathryn, Andy, Alex and Monica from Florida.

First Tom reads a story about Bill Cosby’s Canadian stand up show incident where he joked about rape and then the crew discuss his potential innocence.

Then Jay Bee talks about the effect of life experiences and point of view on race relations.

First time caller Tammy from Gary (not the bad one) calls in next about Cosby’s potential innocence.

After that the France terrorism case is discussed again.

Then today’s guests Alingon Mitra and Randy Liedtke who are at ACME Comedy Co. this week arrive and discuss their experiences with hokey morning radio, Last Comic Standing and towing shows on reality TV. They also talk about their influences and decisions to become comedians.

Finally Tom wraps er’ up and we’re done. Have a great day. See you next episode.