Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy joins the show and talks about the Roman Empire, and we find out that modern country music really does sound the exact same.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens the show with Kathryn and Andy from Florida and Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio.

First, Tom reads a story about Brits being upset at Kraft foods because they’ve been making Cadbury products cheaply after acquiring the company.

Then, Tom talks about the first new Charlie Hebdo issue since the killings having sold out, which brings a discussion of the history of terrorism.

After that they discuss home owner problems and contractor issues.

Next, the crew discuss the technical issues plaguing this episode (Will it continue? You’ll have to listen to find out.).

In another installment of Alex pushing her health agenda she claims its bad to shower every day and reads a study that says so (please shower. seriously.).

Then, today’s guest Dr. Adrian Goldsworthy calls in to discuss his new book “Augustus: First Emperor of Rome”. Tom and Adrian discuss revisionist history, Roman life expectancy, compares Julius Caesar to Augustus, jobs in ancient Rome, Augustus’ daughter and Adrian tells one of Augustus’ jokes (you read that right).

To wrap up part 1, Alex brings up a country song mash up and they play one.