Learn about life expectancy in the US, where presidents went to college, the currency of Zimbabwe, and more.  But not in a boring way or anything.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens the show with Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio and Kathryn and Andy join from Florida late. They discuss recent family events like last nights dinner and Tom relates witnessing the scene of a guy’s ass and the frozen pavement meeting in a karmic way.

Then Tom discusses Obama’s horrible (for Tom, but I’m looking at a free education) idea of giving 2 free years of community college to everyone.

Tom then asks the question “in which state of the U.S. do people live the longest”, which brings lists and discussions about long and short life expectancy by state and race.

Next is an update and discussion of the France terrorism case.

Tom then talks about his childhood teachers (mostly that they were horrible), which leads to finding out which colleges our presidents attended.

Then Alex and her friend Monica Grandlienard from Philadelphia join the crew in the Florida studio after being late coming back from the beach and Alex isn’t happy about having to leave the beach (nice and sassy I’d say).

After that Tom reads a story about Zimbabwe’s hyper inflation problem and their unique replacements for coins.

Tom wraps up part 1 by reading a story on superbug antibiotics which gives Alex the opportunity to talk about her health food agenda.