Tom’s in a bad mood because everything that could go wrong did, but Kate, Kristyn, and Tim are all here to make things better.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens the show with Doug Sprinthall, Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio. Kathryn, Alex and Andy join from Florida after the opening break, and they discuss some technical issues they are having.

First up, Kristyn is on for her entertainment report a day early to talk about the Oscar nominations. This gives Tom the opportunity to rant about Oprah and her movie “Selma” and the lack of truth in movies.

Then, the family in Florida have difficulty adjusting to some annoying technical issues and they try to discuss “Guardians of the Galaxy” but the problems get in the way.

Next, today’s guest Kate Anderton calls in to talk about “Discovering Lucy Angel”, her reality TV series on Tuesdays at 8pm Central on axstv. The show follows her and her 2 daughters’ country music band “Lucy Angel” and their family while they’re on the road and at home. Questions cover topics ranging from how she got interested in country music to real and fake reality TV. Their first album is the self titled “Lucy Angel” with the single “Crazy”.

After the interview, the power goes out at the Florida studio, but after that there are no more problems.

After the break, Doug Sprinthall relates a story about JFK enacting the Cuba trade embargo which leads to discussion of the repeal of the trade embargo and what you can do now that you couldn’t do before.

Then, Tim Lammers calls in to talk about the Oscar nominations (part 2: electric boogaloo.)


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