Apparently you shouldn’t make snowmen under sharia law, Michele Tafoya is back in studio and we debut our first pre produced bit on the Tom Barnard Show.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens the show with Kathryn and Andy from Florida and Michele Tafoya, Michael Bryant, Ralph W. Bashioum, Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio and they discuss Tom pining away for Kathryn and alcohol (unrelated, I swear).

Next, Tom reads the story about snowmen being made illegal in Dubai because they have a soul. (I think it’s really because someone recently saw Jack Frost and they don’t want the stink from that movie anywhere near their country).

Then, although Michele should have known better, she asks Alex what she puts in her smoothies which gives Alex a chance to talk about her health food agenda. Again. And the revelation that Dan likes them (but does he really like them? Really?).

After Alex’s health segment Tom reads a story about all BPA free products being bad for you in retaliation.

Next, something a long time in the making, the Tom Barnard show debuts it’s first bit.

After that, the crew discuss whether Margaret Cho’s appearance on the Golden Globes was racist, which leads to talking about people only being able to complain in first world countries, which leads to the discussion of cheap gas (I swear they were connected, somehow.).

Then, Tom brings up the fact that Emily and Zooey Deschanel are pregnant simultaneously which makes Alex excited.

To wrap up part 1, Michele reveals that Tom has over 8,000 emails on his phone which leads to Ralph revaling that he doesn’t “do” mail.