Liam Neeson makes a new enemy when he says something Tom doesn’t like.  And while we’re on the topic of things Tom doesn’t like, we also discuss movie theaters and the low price of oil.  Or the high price of oil?  I don’t know.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens part 2 with Kathryn, Andy, Alex from Florida and Doug Sprinthall, Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio.

Tom admits he hates when his family is gone and that he misses them.

Next, Tom rants about the Liam Neeson interview in Dubai where he said that Americans have too many guns and that they should be banned (can you guess Tom’s feelings on this?).

Then, the crew talk about viewing first run movies at home for $50 a month and the overall theater-going experience.

Mike from St. Paul calls in next to talk about Target’s decision to close it’s Canadian stores, how auto dealerships manage their inventory, and cheap oil and it’s effects.

Then, Scott from Belle Plaine calls in praising Tom for admitting he misses his family earlier. That leads to the crew talking about dealing with unhappily married and divorced friends.

Finally Tom wraps it up by asking the family about their dinner plans and teasing Alex about accents and we’re done. Have a great day. See you next episode.