#109 Ruben Paul

The gang gets racial as Tom and Ruben talk about life in the ghetto (and ghetto adjacent).

Ruben Paul is one of the most unique and versatile comedians working today. His irrepressible energy, quick wit, and vivid story telling take audiences on a hilarious ride from beginning to end. This was evident in his recent stand out performance on George Lopez’s Talk Show, “Lopez Tonight” on TBS. He became the 2nd comedian ever to perform on the show. Ruben talks honestly about his life, and has insightful observations that bring audiences together no matter their age, race, creed, or color.

2 thoughts on “#109 Ruben Paul”

  1. Interesting that they talked about the problems with new comedians and than went to the Bris jokes a couple of times. Great stuff including the talk about Godfrey and the what was WKRP like question. Great stuff

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