#110 Mike E Winfield

Mike talks, in part, about the perils of large teeth and working in a fictional warehouse.

Mike E. Winfield (@MikeEWinfield) in minutes will describe what has happened in your life that very day. Many often leave his show saying, “Does he live with us?” Strikingly brilliant comedian Mike E. has not slowed down since his debut on The Late Show W/ David Letterman and most recently winning a reoccurring role on NBC’s The Office. Whether its hardships or love, you’re gonna get it served honestly from this charismatic Baltimore native who now resides in California’s state capitol. When asked, why Sacramento? He says, “If they want you, they’ll find you.” His success is rapidly rising and you may have seen him on Showtime’s Comics Without Borders or Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. Don’t miss your opportunity to witness something very special in the making.

2 thoughts on “#110 Mike E Winfield”

  1. I laughed so hard at this guy. Thank you Tom and crew for going through all the hard work to get this pod cast up. I could actually picture Mike E standing next to the wall while his girl was in bed, with a cord hanging out of his butt. Can you get him back again? I have only listened to 10 or so pod casts, but I have listened to 80% of all the KQ morning shows since 1990 and this is a top 10 Tommy show. Keep up the great work!

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