#112 Rick Baker

Rick Baker gives us some insight into the disappearance of the McStay family three years ago.

The Rick Baker Show replaced the Sean Hannity Show on WSIC AM1400 and WDSL AM1520 in North Carolina in May of this year.  In three months, The Rick Baker Show became the most-listened to talk format show in most of North Carolina, tripling the WSIC listenership during the 3-6p M-F time slot that was previously Hannity’s.  In September of this year, Rick pulled his show in hopes of reaching a larger, national audience.  When TRN cancelled the contract of Michael Savage, Rick lobbied for that national time slot. He lost, and TRN went with Jerry Doyle, a host with more experience and awards.Rick continues to search for a new national home for his popular show.

2 thoughts on “#112 Rick Baker”

  1. Don’t believe a word out of Baker’s ever-lieing mouth. He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside the head.

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