#114 Steve White

Steve dazzles everything with his knowledge of movies from Putney Swope to Silver Linings Playbook.

Whirlwind, likable, funny, passionate, versatile, talented, and a solid actor with an infectious smile.  In a name Steve White. Think Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, and Denzel Washington, all rolled into one!  And yes, throw in a little Meryl Streep Don‘t believe?  Go and see one of his hilarious stand-up shows, and then watch him do a monologue from Shakespeare‘s Othello.  Read the review in the Jerusalem Post for a performance he did there as part of his stand-up tour of Israel, or read his review in the L.A. Times for his award winning performance as Clay in LeRoi Jones‘ award winning play “Dutchman“.  See his short film “Love Anyone?“ that he wrote, produced, directed and starred in.  He can do it all.

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