#123 Nicole Curtis

Today we learn what it takes to rehab properties and why avoiding “bad” neighborhoods is a bad idea courtesy of Rehab Addicts’ Nicole Curtis.

A self-taught home rehabber and designer, Nicole is also a mom, a master of salvage picking, and a spirited advocate for saving old houses. Resourceful, creative and always in motion, Nicole is hands-on with all of her projects and wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a whirlwind of ideas, energy and vision, skilled with every tool in her belt (plus a few secrets she’s got tucked up her sleeve).

3 thoughts on “#123 Nicole Curtis”

  1. I like this format because Tom can actually pick a topic and stay with it for quite a while and actually havie a conversation with his guest, I thought Nicole was kind of boring but both her and Tom seem like just regular folks hanging out and talking at a backyard party.

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