#125 Andy Erikson

Andy (not that Andy) brings a “unique” atmosphere into the Tom Barnard Podcast.  For a good idea of what she’s about, consult her bio below.

I was hit in the head by a bird as a kid, and that’s how I got my powers. Soon after, I decided to be a comedian. In 2009 I won the Aspen Rooftop College Comedy Festival and that same year I was a semi-finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award. In 2010 I took first place in the Funniest Person with a Day Job contest, and the Duluth’s funniest person competition. Recently I was selected by Star Tribune as the Best of MN Comedian Tweeter of 2012. My favorite thing about comedy is making friends.

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  1. Tom, as someone who i’m sure mis-quoted all the time, I figured I’d correct you about Adam Carolla. He never said women aren’t funny, when asked who’s funnier men or women? He said “men are funnier” which is much different than saying women aren’t funny.

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