#155 Alix Kendall

Tom’s alleged prickishness is brought up several times as we talk about guests of years past.

Alix Kendall has been the co-host of the FOX 9 Morning News since its inception in 1999.  Alix was born and raised in Minneapolis, getting her start in TV in 1992 at KAAL-TV in Austin, Minnesota.  She has traveled to Central and South America with “Global Volunteers” and is the executive producer of a monthly subject on traveling that feeds the soul.  Alix lives in South Minneapolis with her daughter Kaitlyn.

5 thoughts on “#155 Alix Kendall”

  1. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but am pleasantly surprised. Great interview! So glad to see Tony Lee is involved with this, too. He’s been missed! And Mr. Barnard, you sound, dare I say it….happy. That was good to ‘hear’, too. I appreciate stories about the old neighbourhoods, what it was like back in the day, etc. So glad to have stumbled upon your podcast. I may have to make this a regular stop before I turn in for the night. 😉

  2. Great interview thought an hour long podcast format would never make it. I have to say you have a gift of interviewing your podcast with Alix has won me over. your show will be playing in my garage this summer. Tom should be replacing Jay Leno I’d stay up to see and you would have to get up so early anymore!

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