#172 Mark Tuschel

The author of Living Sober Sucks and other such books calls in to tell us why it actually doesn’t.

Mark’s bio: I have lived a wild and unconventional life filled with exciting jobs, dangerous situations and lots and lots of alcohol. Can’t forget to mention all of the drugs too. I had a wonderful wife for 23 years. (We both drank but I ended up divorced one year after I quit drinking). I am sober for more than 7 years and at times I seem to lead a very boring, dull, uneventful style of life. Yup, that describes it… I feel like a neutered cat. I spend hours just staring out the livingroom window looking at chipmunks. (However I don’t have the flexibility to lick myself!) But seriously, my life is getting better. I am glad that I am sober. I have good friends and a loving family. I foster dogs for Animal Rescue and that helps with the loneliness. All I know is that my chances of living a rewarding life are far better sober than if I was drinking.

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