A couple of Tom’s friends from the recovery center stop by, along with Ron who yells a lot.

Brash, opinionated and consistently outspoken, the irascible Ron Rosenbaum is an authentic Twin Cities character. Rosenbaum is (in no particular order) a lover of gambling, cigars, and — most of all — calling it as he sees it. His political beliefs may best be described as iconoclastic. In other words, he’s not drinking anybody’s Kool-aid. He brings to Twin Cities News Talk years of experience working in talk radio and television. Years ago when he was — as he puts it — “young and stupid,” he was recruited to help tame racially torn South Boston High School. He’s also been a Boston Globe correspondent and a practicing attorney, a Minnesota Law & Politics “Super Lawyer” for years. If you’re looking around town for him, your best bet is on the golf course, in the bar at The Lex or at Canterbury Park.