#181 Bobby Slayton and Jimmy Shubert

Alternate titles: Yellfest 2013 feat. Jimmy Shubert, Bobby’s Swear Time, Zero Seconds of Silence.

Bobby Slayton is a stand-up comedian sometimes referred to as “The Pit Bull of Comedy” or “Yid Vicious”. Slayton, a native of Scarsdale, New York, is probably best known for a supporting role in the 2001 film Bandits, and as a frequent guest on The Adam Carolla Show. He played Joey Bishop in the 1998 movie The Rat Pack and a character named simply “Slayton” in The Mind of the Married Man.

Jimmy Shubert has built an impressive resume as an actor, both in film and on television. As a comedian, he is recognized as one of the busiest comedians working today, headlining A list comedy clubs, casinos and theaters across the country. His hour-long stand-up comedy special which just won top ten comedy DVD’s for 2010 by Punchline Magazine, and it’s available on iTunes.

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