#209 Tom Mischke and Ron Rosenbaum

With Cy Amundson who appears halfway through.  Yes really.

Tom Mischke is a Minnesota writer, musician, and radio talk show host on WCCO NewsRadio 830 based in Minneapolis. He was formerly employed at City Pages, a Twin Cities alternative news, arts and entertainment publication. For 17 years he hosted The Mischke Broadcast on KSTP, until it was cancelled in December 2008. His show featured quirky regular callers, stream of consciousness humor, and experts on any topic he found interesting. Since 1998, Mischke has been the winner of the “Best AM Radio Personality” award given by the local weekly alternative newspaper City Pages nine times. Mischke hosted a daily webcast entitled In the Stream for City Pages from March 2009 until February 2010. He currently hosts The Nite Show weekdays 10 PM to Midnight on WCCO Radio.

Brash, opinionated and consistently outspoken, the irascible Ron Rosenbaum is an authentic Twin Cities character. Rosenbaum is (in no particular order) a lover of gambling, cigars, and — most of all — calling it as he sees it. His political beliefs may best be described as iconoclastic. In other words, he’s not drinking anybody’s Kool-aid. He brings to Twin Cities News Talk years of experience working in talk radio and television. Years ago when he was — as he puts it — “young and stupid,” he was recruited to help tame racially torn South Boston High School. He’s also been a Boston Globe correspondent and a practicing attorney, a Minnesota Law & Politics “Super Lawyer” for years. If you’re looking around town for him, your best bet is on the golf course, in the bar at The Lex or at Canterbury Park.

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