#240 Andy Kindler

Come listen to Andy Kindler badmouth every other comedian on Earth except for James Adomian.

Andy is a stand-up comedian and NYC native who now lives in Los Angeles.  He is also a regular on Late Show with David Letterman and contributes to The Daily Show, as well as appearing annually at Just For Laughs in Montreal.  He is also known on television as a former character (Andy) on Everybody Loves Raymond and currently as Mort on Bob’s Burgers.

1 thought on “#240 Andy Kindler”

  1. Love the show great stuff,not bad for fly over country. I’ve listened to you on KQ from day one.This podcast is a wonderful new platform for you and I wish you all the best.Love the family!
    I grew up in Frogtown and came up the hard way,like you.I really like your inner city view point and can relate in so many ways.Bad priests, drunks, gun nuts,child molesters, Even rolled into one. You don’t know Adam Carolla at all. The battle of the blowhards would be interesting but there would be no winners here.He’s never said anything about you, but I could see this going out of control very fast .He works as hard as you do,actually you both are very similar, I think maybe too similar.(Same personalities?)I think you both are great.Play nice!

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