#242 What a Week – July 21st

This week’s idea: asshole profiling.  It’s not what you think.

2 thoughts on “#242 What a Week – July 21st”

  1. Roger Eriksen

    Great to see that Tony Lee is finally got a “real” job. Love that guy’s talent. He was doing ‘man on the street’ interviews at the state fair decades ago & waved me over. I declined worrying that I would come off as the dork that I am. Good luck to you all.

  2. Love the show, but hate when you guys talk guns. I don’t believe Ted Nugent is crazy, and most guns sold today do not have safety’s if you have time to read it I’ll go on: Police used to use double action revolvers witch had about a 12LB trigger pull to roll the cylinder over and cock and release the hammer and had no safety. Gaston Glock came up with a single action semi auto but he made it so that when the gun was fired it cocked the gun, but the end of the trigger pull actually pulled the striker back just a little more so he could call it double action. and he used composit for the frame witch is now common. The slide and barrel have always been stainless and hardened steel.
    SO ALOT IF NOT MOST NEW SEMIAUTO FIRE ARMS DO NOT HAVE A SAFETY SWITCH although there is internal, grip, and trigger safety’s

    if you need to know about guns just ask
    Mark Hookom

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