#255 Tommy Mischke

Tom Leykis’ phone crapped out so what we got instead was Tom Barnard and Tom Mischke speaking on family matters. Critically acclaimed in the official chat room!

Tom Mischke is a Minnesota writer, musician, and radio talk show host on WCCO NewsRadio 830 based in Minneapolis. He was formerly employed at City Pages, a Twin Cities alternative news, arts and entertainment publication. For 17 years he hosted The Mischke Broadcast on KSTP, until it was cancelled in December 2008. His show featured quirky regular callers, stream of consciousness humor, and experts on any topic he found interesting. Since 1998, Mischke has been the winner of the “Best AM Radio Personality” award given by the local weekly alternative newspaper City Pages nine times. Mischke hosted a daily webcast entitled In the Stream for City Pages from March 2009 until February 2010. He currently hosts The Nite Show weekdays 10 PM to Midnight on WCCO Radio.

2 thoughts on “#255 Tommy Mischke”

  1. Hey Tom, PLEASE tell Tommy Mischke to do this podcast deal!!! I use to listen to Mischke on 1500 and the best times I use to have was listening to Tommy just having fun, giggling and being himself! I miss those days and I think this podcast thing would be the best thing ever!!! If you could get the Barnard Family, Mischke and Don Shelby on daily doing “their thing” would be the best stuff ever!! But please, Mishcke, PLEASE come back to the “air waves” having fun and being yourself!

  2. Tommy , years ago you interviewed a gal from up north Mn, that delt with cancer and her cures . I would like to pass this gals name on . Do you have her name and how to get some info. Thanks Mark

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