App Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

Only coarse location (city, state, country) and what device you’re using.

Can the data be traced back to me personally?

No, there is no personally-identifying information involved in our analytics.

How is it collected?

When listening to an episode, or to the live player, your coarse location will be sent to Omny Studio or Shoutcheap.

What do we use it for?

Just analytics. We need to know where people are listening from and how.

What are the privacy policies of the companies you share it with?

Privacy Policy

How long is the data stored?

Indefinitely, or as long as Omny Studio sees fit.

How do I revoke consent to have my data collected?

By not using the app, or by revoking access to location data in your phone. What type of device you’re using will still be collected, but your location will not.

Can I request that my data be deleted?

Because data can’t be identified to one person, it can’t be deleted on a personal level. We wouldn’t be able to tell which location is you even if we wanted to.