Bryan Callen [#28]

Bryan Callen got his start as an original cast member of MAD TV. He then went on to play numerous roles on the small and big screen including, “Old School” ““Sex and the City”, “Entourage,” “Californication”, “7th Heaven,” “King of Queens,” “West Wing,” “CSI,” “NYPD Blue,” “Frasier” and “How I Met Your Mother”, just to name a few you may remember him as Eddie, the Middle Eastern owner of a wedding chapel in a little movie called The Hangover, and his role as Samir, in Hangover II. His most recent role on the big screen was in the Lion’s Gate drama Warrior where he did an excellent job playing himself.

8 thoughts on “Bryan Callen [#28]”

  1. The Rich Vos podcast was really good.
    The Joey (Coco) Diaz podcast was great. (best storyteller alive)
    The Bryan Callen Podcast was out of the fucking park!!
    Past, acting,religion,politics, fitness, and hilarity!!! I listened twice.
    And as a side note, the chick (Courtney) sounded hot….and funny!
    Keep up the great work Tommy!

    Brandon, St.Paul

  2. Bryan is absolutely correct about the Middle East Arab hospitality and that they will treat you like a king. I have lived in Bahrain and currently am a Minnesotan now living in Qatar, and it is so true! And yes, they have a fantastic sense of humor. To answer one of your questions from an earlier podcast, yes, there are lots of Middle East comics (standup is popular over here), and they are funny as hell.

    1. What do you know about Lebanon, if anything? That’s my roots and I hear it’s the most beautiful place on earth. My people are Maronite Christians and if they’re half as welcoming there as they are here in MN it must be paradise. Some day when I actually have some money in my wallet I’ll go there. So long as they can get over my blonde hair and blue eyes (the rest of my mutt mix).

      Brandon, St. Paul

  3. Another great interview! Been loving Bryan since his Mad TV days. One FUNNY MOTHER FUCKA!! God I wish I could sit around with you and him, have some drinks and talk about how everyone in the world is fucked up but us! Great impersonations too Tom!!

  4. This is still my favorite interview by far. His dietary book recommendations have changed my life and I highly recommend reading them all. Thank you for having such a wide variety of guests and really getting into their interests and ideologies unlike any other host can do.

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