New Twitter account

People want news, but news sections are clumsy and take up a lot of space.  Follow @TomBarnardShow for all your show news to alleviate these issues.

This section abandoned until further notice

As you can probably tell, we don’t update this section very often because our listeners prefer Twitter and Facebook. Thus, until we find a reason, this notice serves to indicate that we didn’t forget about the bottom of the page, we’re just thinking of a use for it.

Tom’s announcement

For those of you seeking more information about Tom’s announcement he made earlier today, we’re uploading a bonus episode tomorrow wherein he goes into excruciating detail.  It’s also got one of Cy’s favorite new comedians, Cy himself (yes, again), and Jeff Passolt.

Youtube and the play button

Youtube is on hold at the moment due to lack of use.  The episodes will be put up eventually, but we have some things we want to try out.  Of course, if we get enough requests for it, I’ll start putting them up daily again. Secondly, the play button is messed up and we’re aware […]

Youtube up to date again

I just started uploading the rest of the episodes to Youtube.  By tomorrow morning it’ll be up to date and should stay that way for a good long while.

New Youtube channel

We’ve got an official Youtube channel where I’ve been uploading episodes now.  Eventually they’ll all be up there, but it’s surprisingly difficult to get an MP3 onto Youtube.  Try it if you’re having difficulty with iTunes or the site, want an easy way to share it with friends, or want a playlist that automatically plays […]

Upcoming Guests and holiday schedule

For the next several weeks there will be little to no forewarning of who we’ll be having on.  Our schedule is messed up trying to work around the Christmas season and I’d rather post nothing than be wrong a lot and have to correct myself at the last minute. We will be posting episodes all Christmas […]

Never mind

We’re having guests from here on out this week.

Tony’s Question of the Day

We’ve merged Tony’s TBP fanpage with the official one, so it no longer exists.  We’ll change the box it used to show up in over to the new one soon.  Or we might just get rid of it.  I’ll bring it up to the crew tomorrow.

Few guests this week

It seems everyone is still recovering from Thanksgiving, so Monday through Wednesday we won’t be interviewing anyone.  Costaki and Kristyn will still be on their respective days, but otherwise it’ll just be the family.  If all goes well we might have a higher volume of family chat episodes in the future.  Make sure to let […]

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