Chris Markowski and Clayton Cramer [#30]

Chris Markowski is a radio show host and founder of the financial-planning firm Markowski Investments. A former sales professional in the brokerage industry, Markowski has dedicated himself to exposing the corruption he saw there. His radio show, “Watchdog on Wall Street,” is now in its 10th year of syndication.

Clayton E. Cramer is a historian, author, and software engineer. He played an important early role in documenting errors in the book Arming America by Michael A. Bellesiles, a book that was later proven to be based on fraudulent research. ┬áBesides his research and publications on gun owners’ rights and American history, Cramer also has a strong personal interest in the treatment of the mentally ill. He is critical of the recent policy of making involuntary commitment of seriously mentally ill persons extremely difficult, and has researched and compiled a book explaining the origins of this policy and its present day effects.

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