Cooper Barnes and Chuck Gallagher [#31]

Cooper Barnes studied theatre, film, and fine arts at Eastern Michigan University and worked professionally at Ann Arbor’s Performance Network theatre and Detroit’s Gem Theatre under the direction of Jeff Daniels. Since moving to LA, he has appeared in several indie films and TV shows, including “Californication”, “Frank TV”, “Victorious”, and “The Perfect Host”.  You can find some of his sketches at his youtube channel at

Chuck Gallagher, Chief Operating Officer for a national private company and former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for a public company, is an author, and professional speaker from humble beginnings.  From being raised by a single parent in “the projects” to leading a multi-million dollar sales region with hundreds of sales representatives, Gallagher understands the power of choice and how to create success.  Today, Gallagher actively helps employees improve their choices, their performance and increase their sales results and skills while realizing the ramifications of their ethical choices.  Gallagher’s new book – SECOND CHANCES: Transforming Adversity into Opportunity – has received numerous endorsements and has been described as one of those rare books that effectively bridges the gap between personal accountability and business success.

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