Jerrod Carmichael [#03]

We had the great pleasure of spending time with one of the hottest young comedians in America, Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod was our first in-studio guest. He will be in an upcoming sitcom on Fox called “The Goodwin Games”. See Jerrod in comedy clubs across the U.S.!

11 thoughts on “Jerrod Carmichael [#03]”

  1. Jerrod should change his name to J for all people with Smart phones, lazy fingers, and bad spellng white bitches. To tie this in Louie Anderson should bring the doughnuts, be the host of the Fued, and The Tonight show………….

  2. The flow seemed MUCH smoother when it was not an old buddy. No offense for reaching for the security blanket the 1st two episodes but it was a much more enjoyable listening experience! EXCELLENT!

  3. Jerrod was really really good. I hope his show goes well for him. He should be a star!

    I agree with Randy French, the show is smoother when your guest is not an old friend..Don’t get me wrong, those show were great too, but the vibe of the show with Jerrod was different (in a good way).

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