#63 Frank Vascellaro and Mark Rosen

Frank and Mark make a last-minute appearance to reminisce, and Mark discusses his new book, Best Seat in the House, about his 42 years of doing sports for Channel 4.

Frank Vascellaro has been Channel 4 WCCO’s head news anchor along with his wife Amelia for seven years. ┬áMark Rosen is the studio’s sports director as well as an anchor and reporter.

10 thoughts on “#63 Frank Vascellaro and Mark Rosen”

        1. Same here, I just listened to the podcast, and the video at wcco.com isn’t working anymore. I know it’s not your problem, just an fyi. Great podcast, it was cool to hear everyone back together again!!!

  1. Just so SO cool to hear you guys again. I’ve been a KQer since the mid 80s (shortly after moving here) and have kept you on that dial ever since. Right away, you guys put a smile on my face many, many mornings, just like you did here. Lotsa Thanks.

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  3. I remember the time Rosie was arm wrestling a professional wrestler (name?), on-air, at an event in the Park Stadium parking lot, which ended with both of them ripping their shirts off. It was LOL funny.

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