Joey Diaz [#23]

Joey “CoCo” Diaz standup comedy career began in prison, where he gained popularity by improvising material in front of Thursday night Movie Night audiences after the projector malfunctioned. After he was released from prison, he accepted an offer from a CBStalent scout to work on a television pilot. Although the series was not purchased, the visibility it gave him helped his career, garnering him appearances in Law & Order . His most visible role was in the 2005 film The Longest Yard. He has also been seen on My Name is Earl, Spider-Man 2 and the 2004 film Taxi. Diaz currently co-hosts a weekly podcast with Felicia Michaels named Beauty and Da Beast. As of 2011, Diaz was working on a documentary chronicling his life in North Bergen, and how he was influenced by the various people who took care of him following his parents’ death, to whom the film is made in tribute.

2 thoughts on “Joey Diaz [#23]”

  1. I have to be honest, never been a big fan of his. I thought I would listen to the interview and maybe it would change my mind, but…nope. It didn’t. Hey, to each their own. I just find his humor too “playground” for me, real simplistic, not real cerebral. The whole “tough guy, rough upbringing” shit gets tiring to me. But, again, I thought you guys did a great job on the interview!

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