The men behind Growler Magazine Matt Kenevan and Joe Alton join the show in studio. Doctor Bashioum and Mike Bryant also stick around.

Mike F. Blaine’s Synopsis:

Tom opens part 2 with Kathryn, Andy, Alex and Dan from Florida and Michael Bryant, Ralph W. Bashioum, Mike Rasmussen and Mike Molina in studio.

In another installment of Alex pushing her health food agenda, she brings us “the meat report”. Apparently meat will give you diabetes, cancer and kill you with a quickness.

Then Tom brings up the story of a dog who rides the bus alone to the park.

Next, Kathryn talks about the story of a tax lawyer attempting to take a tax deduction of $65,000 for prostitutes and porn, which leads to a discussion about prostitutes and strip clubs and features a call from “anonymous” who discusses the proper lighting of a naked woman.

Then today’s guests Lane Christensen, Matt Kenevan and Joe Alton (who gives Tom a run for his money voice-wise) arrive and discuss the winter Beer Dabbler Festival which is their upcoming event at the state fairgrounds on January 24. With an estimated attendance of 8,500, 110 breweries, various cheese and meat offerings, a good albeit cold time is assured to be had by all. At a cost of $40 for regular admission and $99 for VID (very important dabbler) it seems like quite a bargain.

Finally Tom wraps it up by asking the family about dinner plans and we’re done. Have a great day. See you next episode.