#60 Michael Bodine

On today’s show we got a reading on some members of the podcast and insight into Michael’s personal life and childhood.

A Minnesota native, Michael Bodine grew up in Edina with a house nearly full of psychics, growing up around seances and spirits.  After years of resenting the life of a psychic, Michael finally embraced his gift and has written a book, Growing Up Psychic.

1 thought on “#60 Michael Bodine”

  1. A psychic? Seriously?

    Where’s the skepticism? Where’s the questioning “How do you know that?” Where’s the proof? Where’s the apology to Terry Trane for all the times SHE brought a psychic on the KQ show and was mocked for it?

    I expected BETTER from the man I used to think was a rational skeptic, Tom Bernard.

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