Nick DiPaolo and Dr. Pol [#17]

DiPaolo’s career took off after he appeared on “HBO’s Young Comedian Special”. He has since written and performed four standup specials and four CDs. The most recent standup effort being a one-hour Showtime special entitled “Raw Nerve”.  He was a regular for the whole two year run of “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and became a staple on the Comedy Central roasts. Other notable television and film credits include “Louie”, “Lucky Louie”, Artie Lange’s “Beer League” a guest starring role on “The Sopranos” and “The Chris Rock Show”, where he was a writer for two seasons as well. Writing credits also include the 77th Annual Academy Awards and the MTV Music Video Awards.

An accomplished vet from the Netherlands who now resides in Michigan, Dr. Jan Pol has his own TV show, The Incredible Dr. Pol, which airs on National Geographic.  Originally dealing mostly with farm animals such as horses and cows, Dr. Pol is now adept at handling animals of any size.

3 thoughts on “Nick DiPaolo and Dr. Pol [#17]”

  1. Fucking LOVE Nick!! Been following him for SO long. Remember being able to watch him with dad and we would just ROLL with laughter!

  2. Oh shit….this was fucking HILARIOUS!! Cell connection sucked, but that was half the fun! God I love listening to Nick rip on everything. But I actually laughed out loud at the Flip Wilson comment. Yeah, I guess that dated me. Great job!! LOVED IT!

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