Pre-Show Intro

This is the Tom Barnard Podcast intro podcast. iTunes makes you post a link just to sign up. So we had a few beers and recorded this.

15 thoughts on “Pre-Show Intro”

  1. I was listening to your podcast earlier in the car. I’m home now. I’m naked. And I’m thinking about you.

    With Tony Lee working again with Tom, I’d hope The Chucker makes an appearance from time-to-time. Lassman!

  2. Suggest a Guest would allow me to imput my guest that way So…
    My choice is:
    the 3 Stooges – TONY,Todd & TROY

  3. Itunes seems a strange fit for you Tommy, since they’re like Big Brother online. Hoping that I can listen and or download the podcast at your website instead. Looking forward to it!

  4. You don’t have to download it in ITunes. On the upper right corner next to the Facebook and Twitter icons is the RSS feed. Subscribe through that and you don’t have to touch big brother.

  5. Very excited for the podcast- have been a listener of the show on the Q for a very long time! Only expect great things from you and the gang! And to your critics,”if you don’t like, don’t listen! B-I-C-H!

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