Scalped – #792-2

Imagine a world where it’s always 80 and sunny and the deer are the size of dogs and just as friendly. Now imagine your scalp filling up with blood. Both of these pleasant images are brought to you by today’s show. Today’s word of the day: subgaleal.

Mary Mack [#776-2]

Mary has a new album out called Pig Woman.  If you want to know why, then you’re in luck, because she explains it in graphic detail.  Not quite as graphic as some of the shows Tim’s been watching, but close.

Steve Gillespie [#770-2]

Steve saves us from an hour of guestless boredom, so we return the favor by asking him what’s up with his hearing aid.  Turns out it’s pretty straightforward, so then it was time for sports safety.

Daniel A Sjursen [#768-1]

Daniel is an active duty soldier who’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan, he teaches at West Point, and he’s the author of Ghost Riders of Baghdad.  But he’s never had his own podcast, so we still feel like we’ve accomplished something in comparison.

Radio Days [#763-2]

In a shocking reversal of orthodoxy, a lawyer dials us.  So what do we talk about?  Why, the past and future of radio, of course.  It’s what we know.  That and the Vikes.  Go meat!  Or whatever.

Emmys Post Show [#756-2]

We’ve decided that we’re now the official post show of the Emmys.  Don’t listen to anyone else.  The fact that we spend the entire show badmouthing it may hurt our chances of becoming sanctioned, but if they like anything over in Hollywood it’s new concepts, right?