Phil Hanley [#746-2]

Phil and Tom talk political correctness, gun control, and oversensitive college students.  Which is weird because Phil isn’t exactly a shock comic, but he might be considered one in the near future.

Rosentalk [#710-1]

With the recent gay marriage law thing, there’s been a lot of grandstanding on the internet.  Tom does not like internet grandstanding.  Ron doesn’t either.  The two talk about their mutual dislikes.

Don Kavanagh [#699-1]

It’s a continuation of Race Hour with Rachel Dolezal, our latest segment that Tom insists on doing all the time because he’s obsessed.  But he’s not as obsessed with Rachel Dolezal as Don is obsessed with removing dents.  Maybe not so much obsessed as that’s what he does for a living.

Sunday Best Of #6

It’s Easter! Have some Easter themed clips. Except none of them even mention the holiday because Easter is on Sunday and we’re not live then. So from now on these clips represent our Easter lineup because why not.