Maximum Pepsi – #788-2

It’s not often a good idea to drink 23 espressos of caffeine a day. Add a liter of vodka to the mix and you’ve got yourself a cocktail of doom. Literally. But it’s still better than going to Vegas.

Neil Strauss – #788-1

Many moons ago, Neil was a pickup artist to the stars. It seemed like every male under the age of 25 in the country was “playing” The Game. Now Neil is undoing what he did, seeing his behavior as coming from an unhealthy place. Like Qdoba.

Tomfit [#773-2]

Apparently the Crossfit thing wasn’t just a passing thought.  At the very least, he’s still thinking about it.  In other good news, the Cubs are on pace to winning the world series just like Back to the Future 2 predicted.

Roger Stone [#773-1]

Welcome to the Stone Zone.  That’s technically the name of Roger’s website, but it’s also the name of wherever he happens to be at the time.  In the Stone Zone we hate both Republicans and Democrats.  That’s a good thing because it happens to align with Tom’s frequently proclaimed views.

Daniel A Sjursen [#768-1]

Daniel is an active duty soldier who’s been to Iraq and Afghanistan, he teaches at West Point, and he’s the author of Ghost Riders of Baghdad.  But he’s never had his own podcast, so we still feel like we’ve accomplished something in comparison.

Radio Days [#763-2]

In a shocking reversal of orthodoxy, a lawyer dials us.  So what do we talk about?  Why, the past and future of radio, of course.  It’s what we know.  That and the Vikes.  Go meat!  Or whatever.

Money Talks [#763-1]

Make sure to say the title of today’s episode with the emphases on the word money, not talks.  Otherwise you might confuse it with that other show.  Hear Trump’s new tax plan, healthcare talk, and some facts about the 400 richest people in the country while you’re at it.