Septic Blatter [#686-1]

FIFA’s embroiled in a scandal that had no consequences for anyone apparently. Meanwhile the Boston library doesn’t keep tabs on its priceless artwork which gets stolen all the time, and Washington DC continues to be murdertown USA. The theme is corruption, if you hadn’t figured it out.

Michelle Wolf [#682-2]

After being antagonized on the KQ morning show, Michelle joins the afternoon show and gets accused of being albino. Maybe accused isn’t the right word, but as Tom said, there aren’t enough of them to protest so we’ll say what we want.

Tumbleweeds [#542-2]

Tom prophesied it in the first half and now it’s happening.  Brent didn’t show up so it’s just Tom, Andy, and Mike.  We try to salvage the operation with some classic KQ bits and football chat.