Jeff Kinney – #785-1

Jeff Kinney, creator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid joins the show to talk about his upcoming tour and theater debut! We also talk to Kristyn Burtt about movies and a new and improved Doug Sprinthall pays us a visit.

In A Mood – #780-1

Tom got no sleep. This fact is very apparent during today’s show. This is compounded by Kristyn, the resident instigator, bringing up Tom’s least favorite movies. That would be all of them, for those unfamiliar.

Joey Diaz [#775-1]

We’ve been talking a lot about oversensitive, overly PC culture lately.  Joey is, in a way, an expert on PC culture in that he hates it and is happy to share that information with the world.

Panned [#770-1]

Kristyn ruins Tom’s evening by telling him Pan is bad.  In fact, most movies showing are bad, apparently.  Find out which ones aren’t, and also how to get threads out of a shirt you take the emblem off of or something.

Tower Hour [#765-1]

If you’re a Tower of Power fan, this is the episode for you.  It’s also the episode for you if you like being morose.  The two aren’t related, but Kristyn brought everyone down as usual.

A Microaggressive Episode [#760-1]

In something of a followup from yesterday’s episode, today is about microaggressions.  It’s an ill-defined and obscure problem, but it’s a problem nonetheless.  That is, if you go to an ivy league school.  Kristyn helpfully discusses some examples from TV.

Dennis Dunaway [#755-1]

We are joined by original Alice Cooper band member and bassist Dennis Dunaway, he regales us with tales of the glory days. This episode also features some Kristyn Burtt entertainment reporting, but no biting the heads off of small animals.

Arj Barker [#741-2]

Arj is back in the states and he’s ready to do some Owen Wilson for Tom.  But he’s also ready to relax and have a conversation.  We’re accommodating to our guests.