Ted Sumner [#20]

Ted Sumner is a former undercover police officer with the San Jose Police Department, infiltrating various drug trafficking organizations in the 70’s. He left the police department and is currently president of a small company owned by his family. In addition, he has taught the martial art of Kenpo for the last forty-five years. Recently he has begun a program to rehabilitate injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan called ‘”Rehabilitation through Kenpo”.  You can buy his book at http://www.deepcovercop.com/.

Featuring Quick Snaps with Costaki Economopoulos.

2 thoughts on “Ted Sumner [#20]”

  1. Rory in Indy.........BITCHES

    WoW. What a RIVETING interview! Seriously!!! I could listen to this guy for HOURS! GREAT grab for an interview Tom.

  2. Since the 1960s when the US government started keeping track of this sort of thing, the number of deaths due to international terrorism worldwide has averaged about 800 per year. In 2005, the government redefined terrorism to include “domestic” terrorism, and that artificially jumped the stat to around 9,000 per year.

    In a world where there are 7 billion people, that means the THREAT of terrorism is literally 1 in a million.

    When you begin to realize how pathetic the threat of terrorism is, you become less AFRAID of it, and its affect is lessened. This stat should be broadcast in bold type across all news outlets to help combat terrorism. The terrorists are weak, pathetic things that barely squeak, much less bark in regards to how effective they are.

    STOP treating terrorism as a legitimate threat.

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