Mike Gelfand [#06]

Mike Gelfand – KQRS antagonist for 26 years.  He’s never seen a rainbow without a black cloud hanging over it.  He considers Woody Allen to be an optimist.  Mike is a writer, voice over artist, curmudgeon and beloved friend of Tom Barnard.

12 thoughts on “Mike Gelfand [#06]”

  1. Totally Awesome! Miss Gelfand so much…his honesty about his journey is heartwrenching and yet he speaks with such acceptance. Can’t wait for the book. And we heard Andy say a word! WHOOT! It’s soo fun listening. Totally spoiled now.

  2. M howard gelfand .. I’m not sure to watch the Sound of fucking music or go look for a heb in a woodpile or to shit my pants cuz ANDY SPOKE…

  3. very interesting ..you and Mike kept my attention the entire show. good to mix it up with a non-funny guy. have him back – I’d listen for sure

  4. I finally listened to this episode of the podcast. OMG! It’s like listening to the KQ morning show (without Terri and Zepp!)

  5. I have been a fan from day one. over the years I have met most of the members of all the morning shows,or people that know Tom. I have some great story’s. Good luck even though you don’t need it.

  6. Tom—-You have used the…..”I have a friend that is black so I can’t be racist”, “I can say this stuff because I have Jewish friends” statements for years!! It is funny that you rip people who do the same.

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