James talks at length about dyslexia and growing up with a famous father.

James Redford is Founder and President of The James Redford Institute for Transplant Awareness (JRI). James founded the organization in 1995, two years after receiving a liver transplant at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. James produced The Kindness of Strangers, a feature-length award-winning documentary film, which premiered on HBO; and “Flow”, a short drama targeted to high schools and community-based youth programs. He recently made his feature film directorial debut with Spin, based on his adaptation of the novel of the same name. “Spin” premiered as an official selection of the Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2004, prior to its US theatrical release. “Spin” won a Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival and will be seen this fall Showtime. His most recent project, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia, is a film informing people about Dyslexia, something that affects his son.

See his site at jamesredford.com, or visit his band’s site at oatdm.com.