Kristyn Burtt and Dr. Bart Rossi [#26]

Kristyn Burtt is the host of three shows: Hollywood Happy Hour, a live entertainment show, where she works alongside co-hosts Nelson Aspen and Bonnie Gillespie, The Vintage Vehicle Show, and her latest venture, network host at USN. She was thrilled to participate in the pilot episodes of The Arena with Jesse Ventura for MSNBC. It gave her the opportunity to battle it out with the former Governor in a topical news/political forum. She was also a network host for the home shopping channel, ShopNBC.

Bart Rossi, Ph.D. is the Chief Operating Officer and President of Rossi Psychological Group. He is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, a noted expert in the area of the Alzheimer’s Disease Process, and a pioneer in the delivery of behavioral health services to elderly patients in the long-term care setting. Dr. Rossi has served as President of the New Jersey Association for the Advancement of Psychology, Board Member of the New Jersey Psychological Association.  Dr. Rossi has written and published The New-New American Life Style (2001), and has been a TV commentator and presenter on many occasions.

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