#75 John Kriesel

John Kriesel inspires us with tales of his time in the service and how his accident didn’t change his life as much as you’d think.

John Kriesel is a Minnesota Representative and the author of Still Standing, the story of how he lost his legs in Iraq but managed to survive despite the odds.

5 thoughts on “#75 John Kriesel”

  1. This is the first Tom Barnard Podcast that I have listened to. It will not be the last.
    John is an inpirational person. It is a shame that he left politics but h is reason being his family is very admirable.
    Thank you John for your service and sacrifice and Tom thank you for having him on.
    It’s fun trying to imagine this group of people sitting around and talking about all sorts of people and things.

  2. Once I heard that Tom was going to interview John kriesel I figured I might as well check out this podcast. I started with the Rosen and Frank ep, then went onto the Lou Nanne and I have been Hooked and I have started listening from the beginning. GREAT STUFF!

  3. Thank you John for your sacrafice and your service. Your story is extremely inspirational. I appreciate all that you have gone through. I hope one day to meet you and vote for you for governor.

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