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Welcome to the Tom Barnard Podcast! We’re excited to start the podcast. You’ll hear some great national guests, like Louie Anderson, Nick Swardson and a bunch of Tom’s old pals. Tom’s wife, Kathryn will be on the show, as well as Tony Lee, (Tony was on the KQ Morning Show for years and is funny as hell). Tom’s kids, Alex and Andy will be on the show and we’ll get a few words form the GM, (Tom’s nephew) Sean Barnard as well. Check out the “suggest a guest” and give us your input of who you’d like to hear on the show. The best way you can help grow the show is by Tweeting and Facebooking about it. Thanks for listening!

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Show”

  1. Do I have to join Facebook and Twitter to access the “podcast”? I’m not sure I want to do that. I’ve been listening faithfully to KQ since 1968. ’68 – Dick Driscoll, Allen Stone, John Peet, and all the rest. That oughta count for something.

  2. Have missed Tony Lee on the morning show and look forward to hearing his humor again! How is your whole…….family?

  3. Very excited for this to get going. I think that is the first photo of Kathryn I have ever seen. I now understand why Tom often says he out punted his coverage! Good Luck to you all!

  4. The podcast is totally free! I’ve had several people email me who are worried they will get charged. We are recycling copper pipes to pay for the show. Please support us by buying crap on Amazon.com from the banners on the home page. We get a small part of that, and we give some of that to the Smile Network. Thanks!

  5. Look forward to listening to some unedited stories! Hopefully you can get guys like Hrbek, Castino, Fitz and maybe even Brad Johnson on the podcast! Oh, as a former limo driver I’ve got some good ones to! (names will be with held to protect the innocent!)

  6. Tom , been a fan of KQ for years, this podcast was a wonderful idea you and your family make one feel like we’re just having a fun relaxed evening at the Barnard home .THANK YOU for all the entertainment;You should feel extremely proud and lucky to have such a remarkable family.! Good Luck and keep the laughs comin !!!!!!!!!!

  7. A note to Sean, “buy some crap on Amazon?” Amazon sells some fantastic products, you’ve just got to know what you’re looking for! Love the show and wish you all continued success.

  8. I’m so excited and suprised that Tom would be doing a podcast. I’m going to subscribe right now! Long time Listener…..

  9. Tom and Family,
    Lokking forward to listening to the podcasts. I am very glad that you have partnered with Tony Lee once again. I have missed his humor and wit since he left the Morning Show. Very glad Tony is back. Hope the podcast is super successful.

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