Youtube and the play button

Youtube is on hold at the moment due to lack of use.  The episodes will be put up eventually, but we have some things we want to try out.  Of course, if we get enough requests for it, I’ll start putting them up daily again.

Secondly, the play button is messed up and we’re aware of that.  We’ll try to get it fixed soon.

2 thoughts on “Youtube and the play button”

  1. Sorry to read that you are no longer posting videos. I guess I was one of the few who pulled them up to watch on a regular basis. I found them to be a good hour of entertainment when TV programming was so bad that I just had to turn off the tube (this was most evenings at some point in the evening broadcast schedule). I enjoyed watching the interactions in your studio; I thought the interactions added another humorous dimension to the podcasts. Take care and I wish you the greatest success with this venture.

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